BOM: Bill Of Materials


A bill of materials, or BOM, comprises the components which make up the machine. These components can be included in the BOM in functional units. This improves legibility for the end user, namely the maintenance technician.


  • To give the technician a good idea of how the machine is constructed from its various components.
  • To form the basis for a professional maintenance system on the machine concerned.

VPE’s approach:

VPE concentrates on visually dismantling a plant and putting the entire structure into the ERP package. Consumable and replacement parts are fully detailed so that they can be correctly ordered.

ERP = Enterprise Resource Planning. This term is used for software packages which employ database technology for amongst other things managing and using spare part ordering information.

The BOM can be visualised as a tree structure that incorporates all of the parts. Replacement and/or consumable parts can be included in the ERP package and so be kept ready in the warehouse.

For maintenance technicians, it is of prime importance that there is a connection between the assembly drawing and the BOM.